The History of Becharas Brothers Coffee Co.

Through hard work and determination, two Greek immigrants built a thriving business. They saw the opportunity that existed in this great country and made the most of it. The fruits of their labor currently span four generations and assure that the knowledge gained through over 100 years of coffee roasting experience is manifested today in a superior product.













The Beginning

Since our humble beginning, we have gone through several incarnations. Nicholas S. Becharas oversaw the Detroit branch with the concept of “Good People, Good Coffee, Good Service.” This paradigm carried us into being one of the primary suppliers of coffee throughout the Midwest with our Royal York brand of coffee.

Second Generation

When his nephew, Dean D. Becharas, took over the reins completely in the late 70’s, we saw the relationships he developed blossom. Through Dean’s efforts, we proudly became one of the primary suppliers of coffee to the United States Armed Forces throughout the world from 1954 through 2002. Additionally, under his leadership we were able to include the Big Boy Restaurants throughout the country as one of our premier accounts. Built in 1966, this plant remains one of the most unique coffee processing plants in the nation. Our system is capable of fulfilling large volume requirements while still giving quality the number one priority. It was his vision that made it possible to fulfill the needs of high-volume customers efficiently and effectively.

Third Generation

With Dean’s children, we now find Nicolas D. Becharas at the helm with Dean Jr. running the operational side, while daughters Stephanie and Demi oversee the front office operations. They guide us into deepening our presence in the restaurant industry while developing other distribution channels. This generation has also broadened and deepened our position as a supplier to the Office Coffee Service and the Vending industries with a variety of premium products. We are currently producing 24 private labels, spanning twenty-eight states. This was accomplished successfully by building upon the values system put in place by Nicholas S. Becharas and our manufacturing capacity made possible by Dean.

Fourth Generation

With the fourth generation now entering the business, there are many new exciting prospects on the horizon. By utilizing ecommerce, we are targeting a much broader consumer market with our unique brand of products. The success enjoyed by each of these four generations reflects the dedication and commitment to upholding the family’s values originally set down by Nick and George Becharas. Over the years, many things have changed. Roasters and people have come and gone. As Detroit’s last institutional coffee manufacturer, our commitment to excellence never will. Trust in our family’s traditions.
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